The fall/winter guide to fashion

The foliage is falling from the trees, the wind is getting stronger and the nights are getting fresher. Gradually, autumn is coming, and with it, comes a range of new and old fashion trends. Does your closet take on the colour of autumn, or does it rebel with gaudy tones? Should you go out with your grandmother’s discarded memorabilia or should you choose contemporary styles from celebrities? Get answers to these and many other questions about your fall look here. This guide should inspire you to find your own personal dress for the golden season.

Western film

Howdy! Maybe it’s because the summer does not want to say goodbye, or maybe it’s because the American settlers already had an exquisite taste for rustic styles. Western fashion is back, and this time around, they have come with some trendy boots. This fall, designers are turning to items such as trapper furs, classic fringes, and patterned prairie dresses and shirts. For the best look, combine the outfit with bulky cowboy belts or cunning bandit hats. This way, you will enjoy a casual, yet self-assured look every day.


The brit-chic style is characterized by checkered shirts and dresses. The check pattern does not discriminate based on gender. This classic style from the UK also skilfully sets accents in combination with simpler garments and gives you an elitist-British appearance. Tweed fabric has long been incorporated into the dusty brit-chic image and has a not-to-be-underestimated fall advantage – it keeps you comfortably warm. Whether as a coat or skirt, this style will allow you to take your next tea invite confidently.

Romantic but strong

This season is the time to sit on the windowsill with a hot cup of cocoa as you watch the rainfall. The dose of hot chocolate in terms of fashion this year is the romanticism. Especially when it comes to floor-length dresses, the feminine side may be fully brought to light. Be a strong princess!


Moms archive of disposed clothes was already thematized at the beginning, although the following trend is probably more likely to be grandmother’s archive of her revolutionary style. And indeed, the ’68 style meets today’s zeitgeist and also gives young women a look into the positive and tough attitude that grandmother demonstrated on the streets back in her day. Simple to friendly colours as well as graphics and playful floral patterns are allowed for the ’68 style. Need more inspiration? Check out “Woodstock” at Pinterest.

Cyber goth

A key aspect of the catwalks this year was the crazy gothic outfits. They could easily have been incorporated into the Matrix movies. Inspired by cult movies from the 1990s, this year’s top designers turned to dark and mystical outfits that stand out in either flashy or funky designs. You can’t wear these outfits to a tea party, but they will definitely stand out when you go for a rave with your buddies.

Teen style

Avril Lavigne and Paramore are certainly making leaps and bounds this year as the style they popularised is coming back this fall. Someone decided to celebrate the renaissance of the style and it certainly is catching on. The teenie style captivates with its playful, casual elements, and this is mainly due to the skater and snowboard culture. For this style, you are permitted to wear baggies and thick anoraks in accordance with the agreed-upon style of the 2000s. Don’t forget the Discman.

Straight from the 80s

The 80s were a period of rebellion and rock and roll, so you can be sure that their fashion trends did not inspire the most confidence in parents. In fact, the styles were unthinkable and caused the hairs of the neck to ripple. But recently, these trends have grown to be an indispensable part of pop culture. You are still well prepared for fall with padded shoulders, wide-sleeved leather coats, and acid washed jeans. Otherwise, ask your mom for advice.

Colors & Patterns

Now that you have an overview of the styles of the season, have a look at the colours that will accompany you this fall. The colour institute Pantone summarizes its analysis of living and fashion collections in the “Color Report”. So much is to be revealed, from classics to bolden statements, no colour desire remains unfulfilled!


You can’t go through autumn without red. This warm colour doesn’t just belong to your wine or fire or rust – it has to get into your wardrobe. Otherwise, the entire season will be extremely bland.

Cobalt blue

To balance out the colourful nature of red, you can incorporate cobalt blue colours into your clothes. This strong colour is most effective on pullovers and coats.

Mustard yellow and curry

These colours have been growing popular recently, but they definitely don’t flatter all complexions equally. If they don’t agree with your skin tone, you can get accessories in the same colours.

Brown and earth tones

This year’s motto has been: Back to nature. One personality who took the model to another level is Karl Lagerfeld. He had the Chanel Show in the Grand Palais replant an entire forest with real trees! As a consequence, the collection presented a variety of brown shades. Whether coat or scarf – there are no limits to the possible combinations.


Don’t just go for any shade of orange. Make sure it is bright enough to ease the moods of the season. With this colour, you turn people’s attention directly from the leafy crowns and piles of leaves.


If you are the daring type, you should go with the Pantone star of the year: Ultraviolet. This isn’t just a radiant style, it is also a statement.


Petrol represents a smooth transition from the warm autumn colours. The cool splash of colour really pops up velvety fabrics.


Metallic colours are perfect compliments to the cyber goth styles mentioned above. They are obviously fully in vogue and have a radiant feel that provides a cheeky look. If that’s too rash for you, just step in with metallic-coloured accessories.


Beige is the best colour for your autumn trench coat. The transition coats enjoy great popularity in the season. Other items of clothing go well in beige also. They include scarves, shawls or hats.

Animal print

Animal prints are still in fashion after all this time. Whether the predator, snake or crocodile look, the animalistic touch must not be missed this fall. Even zebra or cow patterns could be seen on the big catwalks this year. Big elements of animal print, such as pants, show a great deal of self-confidence, but even smaller elements of accessories such as shoes, bags or scarves unfold a cheeky effect. How wild are you? You decide.


Whether classic in red or daring in yellow, green or blue – the good old check is not just established in Scotland. You can already find the pattern on pants, skirts and jackets, especially in dull weather. It brings the freshness into everyday life.

Floral prints


Even though nature does not have any early bloomers, you can still bring them into your fall look. Especially in a slightly faded shape, floral patterns evoke a nostalgic-romantic retro effect. You can check out Woodstock for ideas on this look. Oh, and as an advantage, you decide when spring is.



A key part of the hip ‘68 style is the patchwork. In this season, you will find the pattern extremely free. It also evokes memories, so don’t overthink it – just blend it into your styles.


Shiny stuff

Shiny materials should be balanced between eccentric and practical. With shiny fabrics made of vinyl, vinyl or PVC, you not only ensure a distinctive accent in your style, but you also stay dry when it rains. Last year high gloss was a big deal, and this year is no different. Shine bright like a diamond.


“Never change a winning team!” An autumn without a leather jacket? Almost unthinkable. Also in 2018, it is important to grease the black or brown (art) leather.


And again, it is the opposites that dress. The other side of the rustic leather look is satin in this fall. Camisoles and slip dresses have already been incorporated into the season’s style.

Need for Tweed


It has already been said: Without tweed, nothing will happen this fall. You need more evidence? Ask the Queen.


He is cuddly, he is trendy and he was never really gone: Cord. This is one of the must-haves, whether as a jacket, pants or blazer.


Denim is timeless, and yet again convincing. Jeans fabrics exude casualness and, in principle, are indispensable in every season. But the consensus has shifted slightly this autumn. It is the darker washes (or even all over outfits) that set the tone. If you love the western style, denim is standard must-have in your wardrobe.

Teddy substances

This is the best material for a relaxed walk over the Sunday flea market. And it does not matter whether nestling the teddy-like fabric will wake you up or not. If you want to cuddle up through the fall outside your own four walls, Teddy is the jacket of your choice!

Fake fur

This is probably the only scenario in the world of fashion where the word “fake” is used positively. For this style, the shaggy fluffy faux fur hoods and boots can be unpacked. The style goes back to the first clothes people ever wore, yet the hairy look radiates its own, glamorous touch. Apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur are what will make the whole club turn to look at you. And not without reason.




Sequins can be compliments to the fake fur red carpet character. They will remain throughout this autumn. The small glitter elements have their own distinct look, especially when combined with a rustic style such as parkas or denim jackets. So, if you discover discarded parts in your closet, just pimp them up with a little manual labour. We wish you calm hands and sufficient self-confidence as you rock your sequins.



Spoiler 1: You can almost wear anything.

Spoiler 2: It depends heavily on your style.

Spoiler 3: Just do whatever you want.

Oversize and Layering

Hand on heart: How do you like to run in sweatpants and a large hoodie through the apartment? Of course, gladly, because loose clothing is simply very comfortable and keeps you cuddly warm, especially in the cold season. All the more exciting are the oversize and layering cuts planned by fashion gurus for this fall as a kind of counterpart to the otherwise often feminine and figure-hugging cuts. Do you always do it anyway? Keep going then.

Long and narrow

Where there is a shadow, the sun is also present. The same concept can loosely be applied to the world of fashion. The contrast to wide and layered patterns are long and narrow tailored looks. What oversize hides is only really emphasized in the long and narrow clothing. The focus is on the naturally feminine forms of the body. There are no limits to the possible combinations, so this cut can be applied to every conceivable style.

Stressed hips

Back in the days, Sir Mix-A-Lot was already rapping “I like big butts and I can not lie”. Women have always been encouraged to focus on and show off their own curves. The fashion world flanks this trend and skilfully emphasizes the hips by upholstery or cleverly placed, large pockets. Evidently, there is a Kim Kardashian in each one of us.

Emphasis on the shoulders

This is another relic from the era of the 80s, and it is celebrating its comeback this autumn. Shoulder pads provide a real eye-catcher, even when detached from neon-coloured jackets.

Victorian A-line

If you thought you had figured out your autumn style already, strap on now, because this fall, fashion designers have remembered one of the most elementary patterns ever: a tight-fitting hip followed by flared skirt falling down to the floor. This promises not only comfortable wear but also a unique appearance.

Extremely short

“Remember your kidneys!” will say the inner mom in your head now. But this autumn may be about showing off a bit of your legs. Extremely short, tight-fitting dresses play with the youthful spirit of a Katy Perry video and also pick up the 80s theme again. Even on colder days, this look, combined with opaque tights, should defy the autumn weather.

Autumn is cold, and it only gets colder. There is nothing any of us can do about it. The only thing you can do is to take advantage of the season by dressing in unique, crazy, and fashionable outfits. The good thing is that there is something for every body type and figure, so it is up to you to decide what you will wear. However, one thing is certain: it will definitely be chic.

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