- Our name -

Smukkett is a combination of two words: the Danish „smuk“, which stands for smart and beautiful, and the German „kokett“, comprising a teasing, cheeky attitude.

- Our mission -

To create a simple, classy way of timekeeping, detached from the everyday stress. We want to stay timeless in times of ever-changing, seasonal trends. We want to be edgy but elegant, without feeling imposed – and in the end, we want to give everyone the possibility to call something nice their own.

- Our products -

Our watches and straps are timeless, simple and able to compete with any upcoming trend out there. The Ronda precision clockwork and our fine leather straps stand for lasting quality at an affordable price. We unite the elegant with the cheeky, the beautiful with the gloomy, the valuable with the simple.



Way back in 1869, the term Black Friday did not have anything to do with shopping – but how did it become one of the greatest sales events in the history of mankind?

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Everybody is on the go nowadays. Check out this range of reasons in favour of bringing more punctuality into your life.

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The foliage is falling from the trees, the wind is getting stronger and the nights are getting fresher. Gradually, autumn is coming, and with it, comes a range of new and old fashion trends.

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